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I Knew a Nazi

The terrible events in Charlottesville reminded me that the only Nazi I’ve ever knowingly met was nothing like the vile thugs I watched on news streamed over the Internet. She was a quite lovely lady with wonderful memories she shared … Continue reading

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The Meadow

I've cut a path through my old meadow And made the long wild grass short and low. This makes it easier for me to amble Through the wild flowers that ramble Amongst the variety of grasses. I stop and raise … Continue reading

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Inevitably as Father’s Day approaches my thoughts have turned to my Dad who is no longer with us. A very likeable man who adored children and had very few flaws. In comparison to much more volatile, but equally as caring, … Continue reading

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Health and Safety

My grandson is observed at all times by a responsible adult. When he travels he sits on a special seat and is always strapped in. He feels uncomfortable even if his mum is moving the car in the drive and … Continue reading

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Harvesting Vraic

My big brother Dennis is twenty years older than me and I’m a child of the 50s so our combined memories go back a long way. Plus Dad was born in 1911, his dad, who was a big part of … Continue reading

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