I Asked For A Pony


In 1943 the Guernsey Brewery needed a photo for the free calendar they gave to good customers as a gift. Even in occupied Guernsey the spirit of marketing lived on. Some creative type noticed that dad was using his bull, Evandale Adonis, to deliver beer around town including one of their best sellers, Pony Ale. Dad is the man on the left.

The strap line was to be “I asked for a pony and they gave me a bull” but they needed a photo to make it work. Cameras were forbidden for use by civilians during the war to avoid military installations being snapped and the photos smuggled to England.  The Brewery was given a special licence and the shoot was setup in Town but only under the supervision of a German soldier. He is the man standing in the middle who was obviously determined to get on the calendar and send it back home as a souvenir.

German soldiers always liked to be in photos which could be recognised as being in “England”. They particularly liked to be photographed with policemen dressed like London Bobbies with tall helmets.

Luckily they never got to be photographed with the real ones.


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