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There will be no call from Reception this Valentine’s Day To tell me that something has been delivered for me to collect. No walk through the office avoiding eye contact, brushing away Comments like “Something has come for you, Horace, … Continue reading

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Mother dear it’s not fair. You said you want to cut my hair If so, why is Uncle in the chair? Oh my sweet son and heir You really must learn to share. Of that virtue please be aware. Dearest … Continue reading

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A Donkey’s Tale

On Monday you give the States of Guernsey a donkey, a stick, some string and a carrot and ask them to move the donkey from Town to the Bridge by Wednesday latest. On Friday a donkey wanders into Torteval. Its … Continue reading

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I Knew a Nazi

The terrible events in Charlottesville reminded me that the only Nazi I’ve ever knowingly met was nothing like the vile thugs I watched on news streamed over the Internet. She was a quite lovely lady with wonderful memories she shared … Continue reading

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The Bunny that Shrieked in the Night

The Bunny that shrieked in the night Woke me from a deep sleep, full of fright. The three dogs that use 97% of my bed Were shaking, their eyes full of dread. The Bunny, in pain, shrieked once more  Just … Continue reading

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The Meadow

I've cut a path through my old meadow And made the long wild grass short and low. This makes it easier for me to amble Through the wild flowers that ramble Amongst the variety of grasses. I stop and raise … Continue reading

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My Old Tractor

There’s something about an old tractor that makes my poor heart sing.  Give me an old grey Fergie with tinwork dotted with rust And you give me a wonderful tractor which I can love and trust. It maybe because it … Continue reading

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