The Bunny that Shrieked in the Night

The Bunny that shrieked in the night

Woke me from a deep sleep, full of fright.

The three dogs that use 97% of my bed

Were shaking, their eyes full of dread.

The Bunny, in pain, shrieked once more 

Just as the black cat came through the door.

Mystery solved, Bunny was cat Zero's trophy prey

Brought home as tribute which somehow got away.

Following the three quaking dogs line of sight

I saw it hidden under the chair, jammed tight.

What to do, what to do? Don't Panic, sort it out.

Zero calmly advanced to finish her kill. No, I shout.

The Bunny withdraws further under the armchair 

Hoping to find a way to escape but life's not fair

And Zero is waiting there the seeds of death sown.

I can't see what's happening but I hear a crack of bone.

I sit here now killing time before I clear the carcass

Please don't judge my cat she isn't really heartless.

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