What One Says is Not What The Other Hears Part 1

A short post today.

When Mum and Dad first married they took some rooms in a house near the Salerie Corner. Mum was very comfortable with her rooms in the house where she was in service and was reluctant to resign, as Dad insisted, and to move into lower grade accommodation.

Mum was eighteen when they married and Dad wasn’t exactly the man she was looking for. He saw her working in a tea shop in Town and decided she was the one. He wasn’t exactly a ladies man and wasn’t sure how to approach her.

He did summon up courage a few times to speak to her but she didn’t engage. Once he had an idea in his head it was hard to move him away from it. On one night he waited for her to finish her shift and as she came out he grabbed her lifted her off her feet and asked if she wanted to go for a ride in his motorcycle combination.

She at first declined the kind offer but then it became clear he wasn’t going to put her down until she agreed. I’m sure there are feminists out there who would not endorse his action and I wouldn’t advise anyone to do the same. But it was a great “pick up” line.

Strangely Mum agreed to go for a ride, the ride on the bike being the greater attraction than Dad. Mum said Dad had film star looks because he looked like Wallace Beery.

beery Something happened that night because a very sought after woman and a Wallace Beery lookalike decided to go out together a decision which made this post you are reading possible.

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